March 2008-current

State Counsellor on Climate Change

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,
  • Coordination of climate-change related activities at national level
  • Responsible for policy making in climate focal area (including coordination of preparation of strategic, planning , and programming activities with action plans)
  • Responsible for assessing compatibilities on climate related policies with other related policies contributing sustainable development and low-emissions growth
  • Coordination of activities for preparation of national position under UNFCCC process
  • Provision of expert and independent proposals, as well as opinions on proposals submitted to and by the Government and by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on the most complex and most responsible issues regarding climate change.
  • Responsible person under the National Program for adoption of EU acquis in climate focal area, including coordination of activities at national level regarding transposition of climate acquis into national legislation
Jun 2001-Feb 2008

Assistant Head of Department on Sustainable development and investments

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,

  • Assistance in coordination and management of department activities (preparation of programs and plans for work, budgeting of the department)
  • Proposing strategies, programs and projects
  • Attracting and communication with international donators and other stakeholders for realization of strategic goals of the ministry
  • Transposing of EU  acquis-environment chapter into national strategic, programmatic and planning documents on the base of their analyses
  • Expert support in the preparation of environmental laws
  • Coordination of activities at national level in the chapters of climate change and chemicals
  • Preparation of analyses, reports and other materials for the purposes of the Government  and Parliament work
Jun 1998-Jun 2001

Advisor for Environmental Impact Assessment (1998-2000)

Chief of unit for monitoring and Environmental Impact Assessment(2000-2001)

Ministry of Urban Planning, Construction and Environment

  • Custom release on goods with direct positive impact on the environment
  • Providing an expert opinion on Technological and Environmental projects and studies prepared for the new and for the existing installations
  • Licensing of  legal entities for conducting of specific expert tasks  in line with their scope of work and in accordance with the Act of Environmental Protection and Promotion
Jan 1992- Jan 1996

Young researcher under the Program for young researchers financed by Ministry of Education and Sciences

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

  • Assistant onto three scientific-research projects
  • Involved in conducting a practical work  of students  of two subjects



PhD on Technical Sciences,

Faculty of Mechanical engineering,  University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

Thesis was on development of model for integrated assessment on new policy (such as integrated product policy), which can provide perspectives on impact of actions taken now on short, medium and long term.


Training: Negotiating Climate Change: from Durban and beyond,

United Nations Institute for Training and Research

This course was aimed to facilitate international negotiations, public sector work and diplomatic engagement in relation to climate change. The certificate can be accessed here attachment


M.Sc on Technical Sciences

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

Master study was on new materials. Thesis was on new materials based on electro-conducting polymers



B.Sc on Technical Sciences

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

Organic Technology





More than 40 publications


More than 100 presentations at different conferences, seminars, workshops
  • UNFCCC Focal Point for the Republic of Macedonia
  • National Coordinator for preparation of Second and Third National Communications on Climate Change
  • National Coordinator on preparation on National Strategy on Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol, UNDP regional
  • National Coordinator on Project “Mitigation on Climate Change through energy efficiency in building sector” UNDP
  • National Coordinator on Socio-Economic assessment on Climate Change, UNDP
  • National Contact person for more than 15 potential CDM projects under bilateral cooperation with the Italian Ministry on Environment, Lend and Sea
  • National Coordinator on implementation of an Capacity building project on EU-ETS in the Republic of Macedonia, bilateral project , supported by Norwegian MFA
  • Coordinator on the Project Building local capacities for climate change project development, bilateral project, supported by Norwegian MFA
  • Coordinator of the Working group on energy and climate indicators as a part of environmental indicators
  • Coordinator of climate change related activities at national level under IPA multi-beneficiary (RENA, ECRAN
  • Coordinator of Working Group on climate under National Programme for adoption of EU aquies


  • Governmental representative and  spokesman at 63 General Assembly on UN on debate for Climate change
  • Governmental representative and participant at COPs on Climate Change under UNFCCC from 2000 up-to day
  • Governmental representative at RIO+20 Conference on sustainable development, June 2012


Contact person
  • Vice-chair on National committee on Climate Change
  • Contact person for sustainable development indicators under UN
  • National Contact person for Central European Initiative, Part on Environment and Climate